Friday, August 19, 2011

Major Reset

I only took three days to unwind a little of my head centrifuge. By the fourth day, I was ready to take a simple list of things I wanted to do for the day and actually get them done. Mind, they were all things in my control - all I needed to do was find the determination to get them done.

And I had a bevy of family on hand to keep the kids busy so I could do my stuff.

And I had no constant email or phone interrupting me, or sudden distractions that I couldn't ignore, or whatever else usually comes into the day that by the end of it - I feel an ever present sense of failure.

For the first time in a long while, I made my health and family goals the priority of the day. On today's morning run, I made a promise between me and a couple of loons about how I'm going to try a few things differently. I have three more days before we hit the ground at full tilt on campus. In that time I'll be having a little more "me" time in Milwaukee. It won't be the peaceful woods of Canada, but I will be thoroughly enjoying my time at the world's largest Irish Festival. I'll be traveling with a good friend. And I'll even get to see my mom any my big sister.

The way I'm feeling right now - I'm ready for the semester and for a whole lot of great things to come.

Oh.... so THAT's why people take vacations!

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