Saturday, August 13, 2011

Late start

To my friends who saw the tweet, no worries-I didn't take a picture...

I went to bed feeling pretty good about hitting the road early today. Clothes were packed, food ready, other essentials, and kitchen was clean. I even changed the sheets on my bed so I can come home to fresh linens.

This morning, things were going well. For the first time in weeks, I didn't have to pull the kids out of bed. They were up, dressed, and had all their stuff ready to go by 7:30. I took a quick shower, then went to the bedroom to find my cat scratching her pile on the duvet cover. It looked like I could get away with a spot check since the mass was solid. Then id run the laundry after vacation. Until I saw the puddle she made a foot away. Damned cat soaked all the way to the mattress pad.

Knowing our laundry couldn't take all of the linens in one load, we now had to wait for two loads. Gave me more time to pack sandwiches and find even more crap to take with us.

The dog was just about popping out if his fur on the road to the boarder. I think he tried to take the wheel. He is part of a family of control freaks.

Well, we're on the road, somewhere between Scranton and Syracuse. I hope we make it to the lake in time for a moonlight swim. Here is where we'll be:

#58 of 90in90 for #LUBlogTribe.

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