Saturday, August 13, 2011

Almost ready....

T-8 hours before we are on the road to a peaceful lake in the Newboro region of Canada for a week of bliss. The kids are going to be in cousin heaven. Steve is going to be hanging with his siblings. I am going to be taking every possible moment I can to relax and let my mind float - hopefully toward serenity and less of the mounting anxiety of what lies ahead at work.

A wise mentor once told me that the need to take a vacation is in proportion to the lack of time to take one. This is never more true than right now. But the week was scheduled months in advance. The kids have been counting down the days - and I have been preparing for it as best I can.

As I said before, summer for a mom who is juggling child care and a "flexible but demanding work load" is not fun. In fact, the summer time means stress levels go up. The guilt of forcing the kids to come with me to the office is balanced by their disposition. Although they come along without too much sulking, they would much rather be doing something else. And so would I. (How many days before school starts?)

Yesterday, I set them up with a marathon of Avatar cartoons. After about 8 straight hours, they started to get a little crazy. Who wouldn't? My favorite part of the the afternoon was taking a call in my office, only to be shushed by my kids because my voice was distracting them from hearing the full up volume on my laptop. It got the point where it was easier for me to take calls on the cell, on my building's front porch, so as not to disturb the viewing pleasure of the kids. Seriously? It gets so that I don't argue anymore. It's simply not worth it. They are being dragged to my office after all.

Today, I put my foot down and only allowed one movie at my office. They had to figure out how to entertain themselves until I got to a place where I could do the rest from home. Honestly, for all the dragging around, they still have it pretty good. Sure a great babysitter would be better. But then they wouldn't get to do dance classes or other stuff during the school year. Child care is expensive. And not having family in the area really puts a crimp on the budget. (wah, wah. small problems)

By the time we got home, it was straight to the laundry and collecting the ingredients for the next week's planned meals. We learned last time that if we planned a little, we'd get to eat a little better and not have to buy all the staples at the tiny grocery store (+$$). We are lucky enough to have our own kitchen, so I'll make the best of it.

With my handy All Recipes membership on my laptop, I pulled together a menu for the week; lined up all the dry ingredients, measured out flour/sugar/baking powder for each recipe into separately labeled plastic bags. Pulled out other staples and cooking tools, and made the last minute shopping list on the iPad.

Everything is packed and as ready as I can get. Over the top? Maybe just a little.

The real psychotic moment of the day came this morning. I was ticked that I had another dizzy episode last night - lost a whole evening of work time because I couldn't focus my eyes. Yes, I know this comes on when I'm stressed - which is why I desperately need to vacate from the routine. But I also want to be able to come home to something peaceful after repose in another country.

First thing I did this morning was strap on the rubber gloves, fill a bucket with sudsy water and go to town on the kitchen walls and cabinets. It still smells lemony fresh. Not sure how it will look after a week - but what damage can a cat do? I kept explaining to the kids that I need to see something done when I get back. I want to see something ordered; something that will trigger an immediate reaction of "well, at least that's done" when I come back home.

The whole day has been a lot of chasing, and trying to remember "the list." Even the dog is a little anxious. He gets to go to a new boarding arrangement in New Tripoli - where he can run with a pack of dogs all day. I hope that when we get back, he'll be spent enough to last through orientation week. Last thing I need in the haze of that is waking up to this every morning:

"can we go for a run, now?"

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note - I just bought an international plan so I'll try to keep up the schedule while I'm on vacation. I mean, if my friend Jeremy can keep his blog going through the birth of his first child, the least I can do is try to figure it out without ending up with ridiculous roaming charges.

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  1. Blog if it fits the mode of relaxing. Don't do anything that feels like work on vacation. :)

    But I'm very glad you're going to get some time off. Have a great time, and if you need us to do anything for you while you're gone let us know.