Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cousin love

Our kids were born in a city far enough away from family that to see anyone, it took a day's travel. At first, we lived two hours away. But traveling with twin babies was a little more work. Lots of cargo had to come with us; two pack-n-plays, breast pump, formula, bottles, apnea monitors, an army duffle bag of diapers and clothes... It was just easier to ask folks to come to us.

Their first Christmas was in Detroit. We headed home Christmas Eve and hit a major pothole. Two tires were out. We pulled off I-75 south just by old Cass Tech High School. There was a church that was finishing midnight mass. We had our dear brother in law come rescue us. The babies and I waited in his car for the flat bed tow truck to arrive. Steve and Harry waited in freezing temps for two hours. He then drive us home; behind the tow truck.

Harry was able to join his family for Christmas morning. We all said a few prayers while waiting for road side service; God heard enough from us that we excused ourselves from mass that year.

The next visits after that were filled with recalling the legendary first Christmas. Their cousins were happy to hear the tale of their hero dad.

We moved 12 hours drive farther six years ago. Every time we get ready for a trip back, I have to mentally prepare for the long road trip. Our kids have never complained about the distance. They will go through any travel trial to reconnect.

The cousins finally arrived to the family vacation two hours ago. My kids are the happiest they've been since we found a really good babysitter. What is it that makes them do happy? Older kids who generously engage with them. It's like they have 8-16 cousins on this side of the family who become instant big sisters or brothers. Add 5 more from the other side of the family, and they would be in heaven.

I'll never understand why it gets them so excited, since the dynamic isn't a daily environmental condition. It never ceases to amaze us; warms the heart to see it.

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