Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In which I concede

I've been checking Twitter less today. I'm reading it, but not responding or chiming in. Same for Facebook. Today was a little heavy on the email- but that was search committee stuff.

After turning on my vacation responder last Friday, I really didn't turn off the work until 2:35 this afternoon. Why? My computer battery finally ran out. I had been watching it dwindle for three hours. I was stretched out on the lawn outside the tiny visitor center in West Newboro. There's free wi-fi there. I got a google+ hang out to work just fine. But the meeting couldn't work. After all the fretting, I finally gave in to the fact that I'm on vacation.

Milk tastes different up here. Fresh meat and produce is ridiculously expensive, so of course it tastes better. Beer is colder. My Texas cake was richer (Canadian sour cream). The sun is brighter. The air is cleaner. It is a little slice of paradise.

I took my daughter on a kayak today. I think I'll treat myself to a solo ride after my morning run. The loons are calling me. I feel like I might actually hit my stride here. I've got two more days to let the bugs bite, sun burn, and water ruin my skin.

I also put a reservation on the hammock that was strung up today. As promised, I will dedicate that nap to a remarkable grad student. May she learn how to relax and let loose as easily as she jumps into work and responsibilities.

This is why it really takes a week to have a vacation- 1 day to get there, 3 days to unwind, 2 days in the zone, and the last day to snap back into the grind.

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