Sunday, July 24, 2011

Damn you internet!

I've been a slug over the last few days because of the heat wave. Yesterday, I sent the kids to the neighbor's pool and managed to pull together dinner. That was the only thing I did all day. Last night was the pinnacle of sloth when I chose to sleep on the family room couch to be ready for a potential doggie digestive challenge - and my own developing issue from too many FlavorIce.

After that, I felt the self loathing keeping in. With my trust iPad nearby, I scanned the Twitter stream for any sign of life, humor, news update or self motivation. What I found was a reminder of the many people I follow who inspire me to get off my butt and do something meaningful. And writing this blog today isn't it! So here's the list of people and what they inspire me to do:

Todd makes me want to be more diligent about my food intake so that I can loose 7 more pounds before I go on vacation in three weeks. I started back on the food log app tonight.
Ashley makes me what to get all of my tasks organized before I go on vacation in three weeks.
Jeremy makes me want to get my house in order so that my kids will finally have their own rooms before I go on vacation in three weeks.
(Did I mention I was going on vacation in three weeks?)
Hillary makes me want to pull myself out of bed and run in the morning before I talk myself out of it.
Whitney makes me want to cook better meals. She inspired tonight's gazpacho ad chicken pesto panini dinner.
Donald makes me want to read every report on the national debt and get really mad about it.
Michele makes me want to do more things in the Lehigh Valley before the end of September.
Ira reminds me that there is so much to know about our current educational system; why it sucks and what we need to think about differently. He also inspired me to read all of my Ulster Scots diaspora books.
Finally, Brad - for kick starting this whole 90 in 90 blog thing, and actually got me on a run after dinner tonight. I felt so much better after finally getting off my butt. I'm not going to be running any marathons. At least not until I can run for an hour without stopping first. My dog thanks him, too.

See? Twitter does make me a better person - because even in self induced sloth, I can surround my life with good people.

#38 of 90in90 for #LUBlogTribe


  1. Funny - I'm the one who inspires you to anger - If you are not angry you are not paying attention - since I am always angry I think perhaps I am paying too much attention

  2. Oh no, my friend. Each one of these people inspire a certain level of self reflective anger - to get off my butt.