Sunday, July 24, 2011

All About Them

The kids came home from their computer camp this week with a great little piece. While they are still at the age where most of their work is more playing with materials, they occasionally produce something that truly expresses something magical.

It was an exercise where they spelled their names vertically, then used each letter of their name to find a word starting with that letter that describes them. I did not fix any of the spelling on what they wrote:

All About Me

B - Banana for Beaches
R - Reading I like
I - Independant
D - Daring
G - Good at Swimming
E - Enthusiastic About Rollorcosters
T - Terrific

S - Smart Videogamer
T - Terrific Target Master
E - Efficient Warrior
P - Party Boy
H - Hilarious
E - Enthusiastic
N - Not Normal

(note - when I share the same thing for each child, I keep the practice of alphabetical order. I don't often refer to my children as twins; nor do I prefer to describe them against each other with any word that ends in -er. They are spectacular individuals, rich with gifts and challenges for me.

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