Monday, July 25, 2011

I scare myself

Thinking that some magic potion in the coffee mug will provide enough motivation, I leave the house with a plan for accomplishment at work and home.

I have a schedule, a car, pleasant people with whom I engage, meal plans, and a capable body. The day is sorted and packed into all the bags I need for each activity:

Here's a picture that gives you an idea:

I'm a professional bag lady. All of this goes to the car in one trip: son's cello, son's cello stool, daughter's violin, bag with music and practice charts, bag with towels and toys to play in the river at the Trexeler Game Preserve, picnic lunch with extra snacks for the car ride between computer camp and lessons, brief case, and "mommy bag" (complete with kleenex, antibiotic spray, sunscreen, cherry chapstick, wallet and my iPad)

I dress for the office, even though I can't enter it. One never knows who I might bump into. The dog gets a short walk. I put the laundry in, clean up the kitchen, and leave the ground beef thawing safely in the fridge to be ready for taco night dinner.

It was a productive day. Focused. No social media in order to go though a long work list. But I still didn't check all of the things off my list.

I even had a special moment with the kids in the rain on a look out point of the Trexeler Game Preserve. We sat in the car. I forgot a spoon, and they insisted on the egg salad sandwiches. Since we don't like soggy sandwiches, I assemble them on site with my fingers. Kids love that I'm squeemish. They also eat their first plumicots.

The rain started to come down a little heavier. We drove slowly to see the elk. The male walked right up to the fence and gave both kids a grand view. The females sensibly laid down in the grass to soak in all of the cool water and mud. The bison were hanging out at the top of their area. Not as exciting.

Too much lightening to venture into the river. But the animals and the grand view were enough for a promise to come back.

I end the day with a longer list of "I should have done....... " Why can't I be happy with the little things?

It is my own undoing.


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