Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Temporary Single Parent

From time to time, my husband goes out of town for one or two nights. When he does, something catastrophic happens with the car, household pet or major appliance. Or worse, one or both kids get sick. All three of my traffic tickets (for expired registrations) happened when Steve was out of town. Not sure what exactly attracts this kind of crisis, but life seems to be more chaotic than necessary.

What's even more strange than the chaotic coincidences, is the extreme cling of my daughter. It's almost as if she fears I'm going away, too. It's not as if we haven't been together for the past ten hours. I don't think she was interested in being in a different room from me all night long.

We started working on the girl scout troop banner for Friday night's event. Much of the work I was doing was intricate. I tried getting her involved in the project, but much of what she wanted to do was just watch me do it. It was getting kind of creepy. I hate to admit this, but I was never so grateful that my son is pouring through old Transformers cartoons on YouTube. At least he's got a self directed project.

While Steve is away, I also turn on the uber mom switch. Somehow, the house is a little cleaner. Laundry is ironed and put away. Dog gets walked. All meals are home cooked and plated. Floors get swept. Clutter is minimized. Why don't I have this kind of energy when Steve is here?

This time, no crisis.... yet. Steve still has another 24 hours or more away from home, so I hope not to be inviting chaos.


This is #6 of my #LUBlogTribe 90in90 challenge. Not the most profound story or observation. In fact, I would say this one is downright boring. As my mother once told me about parenting, some things are remarkable, magical and miraculous. But that is only part of the other stuff that is ordinary and really boring. Even the boring stuff is part of the building the cathedral that you won't live long enough to see. I'm happy to be able to pull something ordinary out.

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