Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taking girls' night out somewhere else

Something started this year with my daughter; special girl time on Saturdays. It's something that parents of more than one child have to figure out. With my kids being twins, they are nearly always together. When we can separate them for special "women" or "man" stuff, we do.

While she was in her Saturday morning ballet class, I'd be across the street having a nice cup at the Irish Tea Shop while visiting with the chef before lunch rush. After her class ended, we'd head to a great breakfast spot for brunch. She's particularly fond of bacon.

Conversation was usually nothing too special. But it's the beginning of that female connection that I hope she trusts when she really needs to talk.

One day, she asked me why I didn't do ballet with her. She saw the group of women starting their class when hers was over. I said, "Honey I used to do ballet a long time ago. But now I'm too old and fat." She said, "Wouldn't ballet make you feel good? You tell me it makes me feel good, and I believe you."

The reason I'm encouraging ballet for her is because she inherited my pronated ankles. If she doesn't learn to hold herself up, she'll also have to deal with my osteoarthritis. And I'd hate to have to see myself in the mirror in a leotard. Heck, I'm going to public pools in my aquatard - because it IS your Grandmother's swimming suit. And it covers all my embarrassments.

Tonight, I sucked it up and started my first ballet class. We went super slowly, and the teacher saw that I was struggling with turn outs because of my knees. But she was great for all of us big girls who all felt 4 years old on the inside.

I saw exactly what I expected in the mirror. I have huge, thick legs. I also saw graceful arms, a long neck, and an ability to catch on quickly. No way will I ever do ballet in public, but I know I'm going to enjoy this class.

After we were both done, Bridget got a Tootsie Pop. I sipped water. There is no better motivation for not killing my calorie burn than seeing a human version of the Fantasia elephants (It's really hippopotamus - but I had to look that up...)

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  1. For Miss K and me, it was "Moose & Sadie's" after French class, a place to act grown-up and talk over subjects that might not have been breached in any other setting.

    My answer to the dancing bit was ceili sessions with Miss K and a whole gaggle of her school friends. We could participate together without crossing the adolescent line of "never have fun with your parents in front of your friends" since we rarely actually danced together.

    Good luck with the ballet. And just don't look in the mirror at anything that isn't turnout or port au bras-related.