Thursday, September 23, 2010

Celtic Classic LVTWeetup Tent location

I don't post here often. But when I do - it's because I need to get out information one time. Please share by whatever means you can think of.

The LVTweetup Tent location
Seems we're having some difficulty understanding exactly where this is. So how about this?...

The Celtic Classic is in DownTown Bethlehem. I made this Google Map for you to know driving reference points: 378, Broad Street, Center Street, New Street/Fahy Bridge, ... I hope it's enough for Lehigh Valley residents to know where we're talking about...

The festival is on the Historic Bethlehem Colonial Industrial Quarter land. This is the same location where some of you may have been at Musikfest.

That area is off Spring Street, east of the corner of Conestoga Street. If you are anywhere NEAR this area, the tents ought to tell you, "Hey, There's a festival going on!"

Parking is available at the Walnut Street garage, or at Martin Tower with a shuttle bus. More instructions are available at the festival website "INFORMATION" page. There's a lot of information here, so you might actually have to scroll down to see it all. Trust me - it's worth your while to go through it, even briefly.

OK, so where EXACTLY is the LVTweetup tent?

It'll look like this - - - - - - - - - - - > OK, there might be sided by the time you get there. Just notice that it's near the bridge - on the south side of it. You'll also see a BEER TRUCK right next to it, and the bathrooms on the other side. LVTWeetup is HOOKED-UP Friday night!!

On the Celtic Classic map, the tent location is represented by a Key that says, "Celtic Quest" Don't worry if you don't have a smart phone to download the mobile app, there will be programs with the same map printed on them - available at the information tent.

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