Saturday, April 3, 2010

First Quarterly Report on the New Year's Resolution

Not going to beat myself up here. Not going to berate anyone else either. It's time to re-assess the changes I wanted to do with my life
Major life events this past quarter - I turned 45. In my family, this number is significant. When I wake up July 13th, I will have outlived my father. My kids turned 7. They are growing in remarkable ways. I need to be in better health to 1) keep up with them, 2) be able to deal with the life changes coming my way (or already started), not pass along my bad habits.

Right now, my kids have better eating habits than me. So for this quarter, I'm trying a new idea to trigger more mindful eating. I've adapted the "remembrall" idea from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. While I'd prefer to have a large, red bulbous ring, I could only find this. The size of this is to trigger more mindful eating; I do much of my bad habit eating pretty unconsciously. Since I'm right handed, this ought to do it.

Related: I gave up sugar for Lent. When through a couple of days of irritating detox. but didn't really miss it that much. Then the birthday hit. After a huge jump off the wagon, my digestive system had a really bad reaction. After I got through it, I took it as a good sign that my body doesn't like the crap I was feeding it. But then, I got stupid. I started to eat more of the cake left overs; because I didn't want to waste them. The kids weren't eating it. They had no interest. Husband's not eating it either.
My body slowly got used to the nightly cake sneak. Last night, with one piece left. I started eating it with the darned remembrall ring on my hand. At least I caught myself in the act. After three bites, I threw it away.

And now, for the exercise. on another post.

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