Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Health Club membership 24/7 Fitness

I'm a lucky girl. Sometimes, my husband turns out to be a bonafide sugar daddy. The company he works for just took on a new client, 24/7 Fitness. So it scored us a year long membership. I did my orientation of the Bethlehem facility yesterday. Even entering the parking lot makes me feel like this place will be where I really start to take care of myself. The parking lot is next to a very picturesque view. Beautiful willow trees line the Monocacy Creek. The Burnside Plantation is nearby. Then I walk up the stairs to the entrance. This feels like a SPA!

My orientation was a quick walk through of the place. LOTS of equipment, cardio machines. Plenty of classes available. The locker room is EQUIPPED! Steam and Dry saunas, whirlpool. This will be the place to go after those long orchestra rehearsals.

24/7 really means it. I can go there anytime. Now the question is.... will I?

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