Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back to the #LUBlogTribe - Second Season

From the idea of a professor in Indiana (who frankly scares me a little but I would have enjoyed hating his guts if I were his student, only to really appreciate the tough love of his teaching methods.... uh, yes, I'm talking about you, Brad King) - and the encouragement of local friends and some amazing Lehigh University students and young alumni, I started daily blogging last summer.

I was intimidated by sharing publicly what I know are the mundane ramblings of a menopausal career minded mom. I never felt comfortable as a writer. I resisted all writing assignments in college to an almost passive-aggressive nonchalance about possibly failing, all because of my lack of confidence. My initial thought to accepting the 90 posts in 90 days challenge was that it would help me build confidence in writing.

I jumped into the project (as I usually do) with a ready-shoot-aim commitment. Sure, it was sometimes challenging coming up with a topic - because as much as I "say" I don't care about people's reactions, I really do. If anyone is going to take the time to read this, I should at least make it interesting. Sliding into my 5th decade feet first, I still crave approval. I've come to accept that need will never diminish; and since middle age is all about finally succumbing to who I really am, I'm OK with that.

I also learned last summer that it's really not that tough for me to stay up late to blog about anything. In the summer, I get a little more nocturnal; taking afternoon siestas to sleep through the hottest part of the day while kids are splashing in the pool. But I have this inner argument about afternoon naps.
One voice says, "You shouldn't sleep the day away; you have too much you need to accomplish. Don't be a lazy bum. Be disciplined."

Another voice says, "Heck, other cultures embrace afternoon naps..."

Then there's the really dangerous voice; "Well, since you're napping and being a total sloth, why not add an ice cream sundae and throw all discipline out the window?"

I heed this voice all too often.

Usually, after I post a blog - I feel guilty about not doing something work related, so I pick up a business article, or textbook to review for next fall - and sure enough, I'm sleeping in 2 minutes; just like college. Or I'll do something really stupid and eat something. I swear I create stress just so I can stress eat.

To the other Lehigh University students and young alumni who will take on the #LUBlogTribe challenge, let it be what you need it to be for you. If you start feeling overwhelmed by it, we don't judge. If you don't have something to blog about, comment on someone else's blog. Comments, and reader stats mean so much... To my "adult" friends, thanks for all of the support.

And finally, to my mom - who read my blog last summer, and grew very concerned when I posted #83/90 wondering how she would keep in touch with my life after #90/90 - I'm back to it again. And please, Mom, if I write an error in dates, like I did about when our dog Smedley died, please add those to the comments. Corrections like that - as well as pointing out typos, are welcome. I would expect the same out of all my friends who are kind enough to show me the "spinach in my teeth" as it were.

Good luck to all who choose to accept the #LUBlogTribe 2012 challenge. Remember, it's not the destination, it's the journey along the way.

#LUBlogTribe 1/90

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