Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nothing but a walk

Had an interesting couple of moments while I was walking the dog during the kids' ballet classes. My knee isn't really in good enough condition to take my regular long Saturday run. If I had been able to run, I wouldn't have had these moments.


Near the end of our exercise, I was in front of the Bethlehem Public Library. Walking westerly, I came across the 9/11 memorial sculpture that was created from the slurry walls of the Twin Towers. I stopped to take a picture of it's 'adjustment.' I don't know what compels a person to think it's OK to put their own mark on public art. Like it or not, the object isn't for anyone to play with. THe small cube on the top used to site level between the inside part of the "V". I don't think the piece is very aesthetically pleasing, but the story of it, and what it represents ought to be respected. It's too bad. Maybe its a general statment, but the less we value art as a community, the more we will see people take these kind of liberties just because they can...

It was only a few feet farther down the block when I saw a friend, Peter Crownfield. Peter is an avid social justice/ environmentalist; keen to see Lehigh University students fully engaging in Bethlehem on issues relevant to having a decent city. It's been a while since I've seen him, so I stopped to chat for a bit. About 4 minutes into our chat, a stranger walked up to us to ask me for ideas on what to see while she had a couple of hours to spare before her daughter's basketball game. She drove in from Pittsburgh the night before. Luckily for her, she can leisurely walk just a few feet to get to the Kemerer Museum, and walk around a 1 mile perimeter to see some of the proudest historic buildings and the lovely Main street shops. The Historic Industrial Quarter is also a great place to walk - as my dog will attest.

It was only another 10 feet farther when a man called me over to his car to give him directions to the Ice House.

Not a problem - I'm pretty good at giving people directions. I do it a lot. I can't for the life of me figure out why I'm tagged for this request. It happens frequently on campus. My attire isn't very special. This morning was particularly odd since my make-up from last night was smeared under my eyes in the best heroine chic. I had a baseball cap covering my bed head. Donned in sweats with a dog pulling on his leash, I at least had that distance to protect others from my morning breath.

What is it about my face that people target for helpful direction? It could be that I actually look them in the eye. If that is what it is - then.... good.

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