Thursday, September 15, 2011

I still got it

I'm lucky to have friends with a brand new baby. Every once in a while, they let me hold him. When Austin is in my arms, I get to remember what it felt like when my babies were that size.

Tonight was very special. Austin was in a really mellow mood. Early on in the visit, he expelled on both ends. I knew that he shouldn't be sitting in the messy diaper for too long, so I asked if I could change it. Even when I changed his diaper (yes, I changed his diaper and his mom was super cool about it), he didn't ramp up into overdrive with his usual dislike for the routine. Predictably, he openly peed during his exposed time. I didn't catch it. So I even had to change his shirt. Austin found peanuts in both sleeves (that's how I started talking to my babies to get their hands through). I even got the burrito wrap around his feet and scooped him back up before he got his legs kicked out.

While Amy (that's Austin's really cool mom, BTW) prepared his bottle, I actually got him to calm down by doing a little movement and singing. For the life of me, all of the baby songs were out of my memory. I couldn't even sing a theme from the Beethoven symphony I played the night before at orchestra. But a little made up Irish tune seemed to work. Seems that Austin might be excited that the Celtic Classic is coming up in a week.

He ate slowly and steadily. And only had one dry burp. I thought I could lay him down in his bassinet, because he was doing so well. I could have held him for a lot longer. But I needed to get home to my kids and my poor husband who has been staying at home while I go galavanting around town to the various things I do.

It's such a simple thing, holding a baby. The moment made me look forward to the next two nights when I have no commitments or plans to leave the house. I will happily stay home with my family. We'll make home made pizza, blast some microwave popcorn, and cuddle on the couch to a movie of their choice. But I'll be hoping to watch some Karate Kid (Jackie Chan, remake)

Tomorrow is going to be a great day. I can't wait for the time I'll get to spend with my own.

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