Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To be read in 2021

June 29, 2021

Dear Kids,

So good to know you both made it into college. Your Dad and I are very proud of you. You both worked so hard in high school and we are pleased you were able to to qualify for full scholarships. As you are packing your things to move into the dorm with your first room mate (that is not related to you), you might be wondering what you will talk about. While sometimes it's hard to find something in common, let me help you out a little. Give them a story about the night we took you both to see the 3rd Transformers Movie.

Son, you had been waiting so long to see this movie that when we finally got to the theatre and the lights dimmed, I thought you were going to pop. You might not remember this, but after the 5th preview, you kept asking, "Is this it yet?" The movie theatre really tested your patience that night. There were 8 previews  keeping you from your dream for at least 30 minutes. When the movie finally started, I don't think you moved or blinked during the entire thing. You can thank me now for making you go to the bathroom to just try once more.

Daughter, you are one intense movie watcher. I'm pretty sure your friends figured out that you get crazy when you see a scary movie. They like watching you throw your popcorn into the air, scream louder than the sound system and hide your eyes when the scary music starts. You have always responded without restraint when you watch movies, even at home. The summer you were 8, you helped me with all the housework that day, so we treated you to the Transformers 3 movie. I had my doubts about you being able to handle all the action. What I didn't realize was how emotionally attached you can get to make- believe robots. I had to set you on my lap in order to soothe you. And I gotta say, at 8 years old, you were borderline too big for lap sitting. Especially when you had to keep bending down to put your head on my shoulder. I realized then that you were getting too big to cuddle. Yet, you still cuddle with me every time we watch TV at home. I'll never grow tired of it. Fortunately, the theatre wasn't too crowded and you calmed down after I threatened to take you out. You know I always see my threats through - because no matter how big you get, I'm always the boss of you.

For days after the movie, you both kept asking me questions about why one character did that to the other character. You both wanted to understand why they acted that way - some of the violence just didn't make sense. That's when I knew Dad and I were doing our job right. You cared about justice, and doing the right thing. I know that you are going to continue to always do the right thing. Because in your heart; you know that's what good people do.

And you, my darlings, are good people.

#13 of #LUBlogTribe 90in90. No spoil alerts needed for this post, as the writer was careful not to reveal anything. It is a pretty entertaining movie, though. Just need to think through the next decision on whether or not to take them to see the final Harry Potter movie, or wait until DVD. They've already had the book read aloud to them. Twice. So they know what will happen. But the intensity of the film may just overwhelm...... small world problems.

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