Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scenes from the mommy taxi

I am the primary driver of the kids. Silver Diamond (Lady B named the car when she was 4) and I get around town quite bit. I do many FourSquare check-ins, mostly to show my husband just how much I do with them as a way to not feel bad about going back to the office at night. The points and badges are also a great way for mommy to get virtual rewards for the mundane routine. Sometimes we nod our heads to classic rock. Other times they sing along if it's a familiar CD. G-d help my husband when they still ask for the Country Mix CD a trainer made for me three years ago. (Red Neck Woman is still my favorite)

While on the various routes of the day, I saw a few scenes that held my interest and peaked curiosity.

1. Military funeral in Bethlehem Memorial Park Cemetery. Small group of mourners with a smaller group of retired veterans inn dress whites a little farther back. From Dewberry Avenue, it looked like the widow was seated. It looked like the funeral of a seasoned veteran whose life lasted decades beyond his active duty.

2. Two teen lovers crossing Fahy Bridge toward South Bethlehem. She doesn't take her eyes off him. She's smiling as if she landed her "trophy BF." He's feeling satisfied. Is their love forbidden? Have they done it yet? If not, will there be fireworks this weekend? I imagine the stories they will be telling their parents so they can sneak it in. I hope they are using a condom.

3. Father crossing Fahy Bridge toward North Bethlehem with a toddler on his shoulders. But he's crossing on the west side of the bridge against rush hour traffic, opposite the east side walk. I pray he doesn't get hit. Then I want to slap him for being stupid.

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