Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Best laid plans

While the kids were home for holiday break, I often retreated into day dreams of what I'll be able to get done when they go back to school. Not that I mind being with them. Quite the contrary. I love playing with my kids when I don't have a gazillion items in my in-box.

I was so ready to return to a quiet office a full two weeks until the semester started. Ten work days of meetings on my terms. I started the first day back with a long strategy session with my program coordinator. Then, I read my in box.

Ho-ly--crap! I would have preferred reading these in... October. Somehow, I'll re-adjust.

But then I get this phone call that gave my concerns a much greater perspective. A dear colleague lost her father after a long illness in which she was the caregiver. The funeral is happening the same time as the big conference in NYC this week. Can I go in her place?

What's that one quote again? "Life happens when you're making plans."

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