Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bucket List continued - Lehigh Basketball with family

When I achieve all of the items on my "Things to do before 50" bucket list, I know I will have actually accomplished the goals of a New Year's Resolution. It's just a bit easier for me to manage expectations by creating a list of fun things to do instead of hoping to achieve an elusive "have more fun in 2014" goal.

The next item on the bucket list was achieved a few weeks ago: going to Lehigh Basketball games with the family and separately with the Girl Scout troop. We've been to Lehigh Mens Basketball games before. One of the perks of being a Lehigh employee is to be able to watch the games for free. Except for Lehigh-Lafayette. But, as I had recently plucked down some cash for tickets to the 150th anniversary rivalry in Yankee Stadium later this year, I thought we could get a leg up on what actually happens in the crowd at any Lehigh-Lafayette match. Heck, I even started adding Lehigh swag to the family wardrobe, even though the salesperson at the Lehigh Bookstore was super awful.

I was excited for the kids to hear the Pep Band, see the Lehigh Dancin' and the other stuff that happens with the game. You know those college kids can be so crazy, too. But not this game. It was kind of quiet.I even started my own "spontaneous dancing" bit to lighten up the game for the kids. They are now old enough to say, "Mom. Sit Down. You're embarrassing us."

Two weeks later, I took the older girl scouts to see the Lehigh Women's Basketball game. We all wore pink to celebrate breast cancer awareness (and to get in free). It was great to be able to sit so close to the team, and meet one of the players (a former student of ENTP 195) afterward. 

Lindsay Hoskins was happy to take a picture with the troop for a box of Thin Mints (hee, hee)

I was disappointed to see so many empty seats in Stabler Arena at both games. But happy to be able to spend time with the family, and with the girl scouts. 
These experiences are the things I keep in my heart way longer than that satisfied feeling I get when I realize I spent another Saturday catching up at the office. 

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