Sunday, June 10, 2012

What if....

After raving about a personal religious issue yesterday, I want to switch directions so that instead of seething in anger, I can direct my thoughts toward more positive imagination.

What I love about cleaning the house, cooking a complicated dish, sewing, making bassoon reeds, or doing anything else with my hands that takes me away from writing, is that my head gets to wander. Most of the time, I'm re-imagining conversations I've had, or discussions I'm going to have in the future. It's kind of a rehearsal. Like most folks, I probably dwell on confrontational issues a little too much.  I don't want to stew over work in front of the kids. I grab the dog, and we both get a good session; me and my thoughts, him and his sniffs.

For the next four days, the weather is going to be progressively warmer. If I'm going to get out with the dog, it'll have to be in the morning because he's a mess of thick black hair (which really needs his annual shave), and I really don't like being over heated.

Morning walk/runs will also give me the chance to re-direct my thoughts more into "what if" imaginations. I just hope that I can leave many of those thoughts on the sidewalk. If not filtered, I can become irrationally dedicated to implementing all the ideas - putting me in the looney bin, for certain.

Today's thoughts will be focused on,

"What if I was actually able to finish all of my house hold goals before I head to Wisconsin?"


any conclusion? Yup - limit the number of goals on the list. Ta-dah!


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  1. I'm still trying to get to the point where I can wake up and go for a run before work. I don't go to bed particularly late, but something about being alert enough to run at 5 am is just not happening.