Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hitting the road

Just a quick post to let folks know I'm bound for Appleton, WI. Just picked up my sporty (red; ain't it cute?!!!) rental car which fortunately has a CD player in it. I'm ready for 14 hours of George. R.R. Martin's 3rd book of his "Song of Ice and Fire" epic. Wahoo - adventures for an adventure.

I'll be staying with my mom tonight - I hopefully will get to Kenosha, WI before 11pm, if I end this post soon enough and don't get stuck in traffic anywhere on I-80 or in the Chicago Loop. If I planned this right, I'll hit the lower side of Chicago after rush hour.

I used to be a road warrior. I took cross country trips to conferences in my little Red Tercel. Let's see how much my nerve can take.

All alone.

Missing my kids and Steve.

Knowing the dog is sad to see his mistress drive away.

But I'm seeing some old friends. I'm retracing the steps of my college days. I'll even get to thank some profs who should be given medals of honor for their service (and for encouraging me when I really didn't deserve it).

I'm going to find a big bounce this week.


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