Friday, November 18, 2011

Two Pictures from Thursday

I haven't posted in a while. And I really do miss it.
I miss being able to record thoughts and worries.
I miss being able to dig deep into memories to archive them for the stories I know my kids are going to want to read.
I miss giving myself the time to reflect, to purge, and to be grateful for the ability to write, access the internet and share things in this way....

While I don't have enough time at the moment to write something meaningful, I have something fun to share. Just two pictures of objects taken from the day.

Last one, first. This is an image of a "portrait" taken after a lecture to complement the "Andy in the Valley" exhibition at the Lehigh University Art Galleries yesterday. One of our local newspapers put up a few of the photos of the exhibit. If you click through them, you'll see two that show athletes posing for their polaroid portrait with the objects of their sport. The lecturer had mentioned the challenges of taking these portraits of a camera that "focuses with your feet." I didn't remember the Polaroid camera being as bulky and big as the one Warhol used - but seeing that impressed me even more with his work.

Anyhoo - the audience had a chance to get their portraits taken, thanks to Dan's Camera. Lucky, I had a couple of my "identifiable objects" with me:

I have to add, these "objects" sat quietly for the hour long lecture. Of course, we cheated a little. I usually reward them with ipad/iphone games about 30 minutes after sitting still. I also told them that if they behaved, they could have an extra dessert. Knowing that receptions usually follow these events, I figured and extra Lehigh brownie wouldn't kill them. 

To our delight, the reception was a clever selection of food based on the exhibit. Hat's off to Denise Stangle, the operations director for the galleries. She worked with the campus catering to get hamburger sliders, corn dogs, tomato soup shooters and root beer floats! Who knew the kids would be getting dinner? (#winning!) Only one mishap. Another missed text from Steve, who ordered Chinese food not knowing the kids ate their fill of mini corn dogs. I counted 13 toothpicks for Lady B. 

One of the sweetest things, was my son getting me a cup of hot water. Knowing it was his failed adventure at the reception, I gladly took the gift from a boy who is learning how to get his mommy a drink without my asking. Good boy.

The next object of love came from one of the girl scouts, just before we all ran out of the school to get to the art lecture on time. It's little pieces like this that make all of the effort and late nights planning activities for the girls so worth it.

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