Monday, November 28, 2011

Let the training begin

In the euphoric moment of completing my first 5K, I signed up the next day for a 10K. The event is in Allentown on Superbowl Sunday - February 5, 2012. I'm hoping 10 weeks is enough time to properly train through the holidays. But as usual, training doesn't start with exercise - it starts with research.

To the internets!
(Every time I type that, I hear some BatMan theme.... if only I could find a way to pop that into this post)

Wow! I can buy a perfect training guides for only $29.99 in four easy installments. Do I really feel like I can't do this? Is the purchase of one more app or exercise program "designed especially for me" is going to get me across the finish line? Of course, I can fetter away even more money. Instead, I'm going to give this a shot with a free 10K for beginners training plan. Since this one is 8 weeks, I'm allowing the next two weeks to work up to it's first week assignments.

I was able to pull it together this morning. A Monday morning; getting dressed, choking down vitamins, leashing the dog, and out the door in time to complete 30 minutes of straight running. I was hoping to be able to cover 2 miles, but I only got 1.74 according to my trusty free RunKeeper App. I will not let this feel like a failure. For Pete's sake, I did get my butt out of the house and jog for 30 minutes straight... (OK, stopped only to pick up Buddy's morning dump)

Back to the internets for more tools. I found a way to plan for desired distance on this site, and will try again tomorrow. No doubt, I'll have to design a more organized routine to do as much of the morning tasks as possible before I head out. Tomorrow's run might take up to 45 minutes to cover the two miles.

Crap, that means waking up earlier. OK, alarm set for 0-5-ridiculous. And no riding the snooze. I will be successful if I can get out of the house by 6am.

That's the way this little experiment is going to have to go for me. Small successes each day.

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