Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Win some, lose some

Another long, crazy day of my wonderful life.

Started early because I crashed early the night before. I blamed the rain for not getting off my butt to run to the grocery store for milk. Instead of a morning run, I raced the shopping cart through the isles at Wegman's - picking up what we needed to get through the week.

No make-up, a quick ponytail, and grabbed some clothes that could pass for work - knowing I didn't have any high level meetings - and my bright orange Wellies.

Got through the store in record time. Home. Unload groceries. Make kids' lunches. Make them breakfast. Encourage husband to get in shower - he was a little groggy from rough night. Kids got into their gym clothes OK - excited to put on the new set which included longer, looser shorts and new (not yet shrunken from a year of washing them) T-shirts. Heck, don't we all get a little excited to wear casual clothes to work?

Got to the bus stop in plenty of time, knowing that it would probably be running late because of the rain. Why? because when it rains, parents drive their kids the half block to the bus stop and wait in their cars for the bus to arrive. When it does, it takes three times longer to shove the kids out of the car, freak out at getting a few rain drops on them, and push them up the bus stairs. Not us. We're sensible. We wait with umbrellas. And we wait. And wait. at 8:05, (20 minutes after the bus is supposed to be there) I give up and decide to drive them to school. We beat the bus there by 20 minutes.

I still get to work early. I see that the house guest is in the kitchen. I greet him in his towel - embarrassed by seeing him in his vulnerable state, I try to run past him as I avert my eyes. Turns out, he locked himself out of his room. Luckily, my key opens all doors of the building. All is well.

I sit at my desk to beging a crap load of projects after trying to determine which I start, which I can actually finish, and which ones are delusional aspirations of greatness. For the most part, the day goes very well.

Until I realized I forgot my cell phone. And my bike - which I needed at 4pm. Minor inconvenience. I'll just pick up the kids from school, drive home to let out the dog, grab a quick snack, they can grab some toys, and get back to campus before my next meeting. It'll cost me a chance to say thanks to the former Dean - but that's OK. My kids weren't too cooperative at the last reception. I'll avoid dragging them to those for a while.

I get to the 4:00pm meeting with a bunch of students to test out an investment. I have great hopes for this equipment - but this session revealed a whole lot more work needs to be done in order to see the vision realized. In trying not to show my anger to the students, I convert the situation into multiple learning opportunities for them and myself. I could be furious with the company that I feel duped me on a major purchase. I start to compose terse emails in my head. Turns out, we now have a big project. Which once successful, will have HUGE win for all involved.

Kids were safely tucked in my office, doing what they do. It took a little longer to transition them to go home. Steve as always, sweetly started dinner. I didn't have time to eat. Needed to drop them off and head straight to a 6:30pm meeting.

I was supposed to go to a lighting ceremony at SteelStacks. The 6:30 meeting kept going. I was supposed to go to a second event at WDIY (the public radio station) The 6:30 meeting kept going. It was important stuff. I'm glad I stuck it out. After two and a half hours, I had a hunger headache, and was starting to shiver because... oh right - I had to ride my bike in the rain to the 4:00 meeting on campus.

Finally got home at 9:30. Husband gave me a lingering hug. Kissed my kids. Went to the bathroom to wash my face.... SHIT - I never put make up on. And I can't believe I was going to meetings with my hair like that.

Tomorrow is another long day. I start the first class of Leadership Lehigh Valley in the afternoon and then run a three hour orchestra sectional at night. Babysitter is lined up to watch the kids.

I haven't run all week. I need to run tomorrow. The dog needs to run tomorrow. I've review tomorrow's schedule; got notes lined up for all meetings. Ready to write weekly message for newsletter. Dinner plan ready with instructions for babysitter (I like the ones who cook). Kids uniforms are clean and ironed. They have school lunch tomorrow.

and check.

And check again.

I think I can go to sleep without waking up in a panic. At least I was smart enough to lay out my clothes before I climbed into bed with my laptop.

... There is nothing that happened to me today that caused anyone pain or suffering. I'm doing good work. I am grateful for all I have. I am privileged. I am blessed.

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