Thursday, September 8, 2011

My friend, George and the MS150

This is my friend, George. Say "hi" to George. If you don't know who George is - you might think he's just another regular guy who's doing something good.

He's riding the MS 150 City to Shore fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis. That means, he's bicycling 150 miles from Cherry Hill to Ocean City, New Jersey.

There's an easy way to donate dollars to George. He's already met his personal goal - but I can tell you, there is no limit to the amount of money we can give the MS Society for all the work is does to support research & advocacy, and provide assistance to patients and their families. While George and his team may have met their goals, the MS Society is just over half way there. Want to know more about the ride?

If you linked over to that page, you might see that the ride itself is fabulously organized. I did this ride (before knees and then before I got heavily involved in the Celtic Classic). I can say that there is no greater feeling than cruising down the home stretch after crossing the bridge to Ocean City, NJ to a cheering crowd. (Lance Armstrong, eat your heart out!)

No wait, I lied. There is a greater feeling riding along with hundreds of other bicyclists who are all doing their part of support the National MS Society.

This is George's page. I know you want to give a little bit.
Give, even if you've given before.
Give because if you've never lived with MS, count your blessings.
Give because you know someone whose life was changed forever by this crappy disease.
Give because I asked nicely.

And if you give to George's page - write in the comments, "Because Silagh told me to" - and I'll give you a big, sloppy, public kiss at an occasion of your choice. I don't care if it embarrasses me or you. I'm ticked that I missed the LV Prom at Molly's last year. (oddly enough, organized by another man named George. Coincidence?) If there is another formal event to support MS, I promise to stuff myself back into the powder blue tuxedo.

Seriously - Professor George White is also known in the Lehigh University community a champion for education. He's the vision and muscle behind Lehigh's commitment to Broughal Middle School. He is one of the strongest, smartest, most compassionate men I know at Lehigh University. I often turn to him for career advise, which he generously gives; including the kick in the pants I need.

One last time....

Please give.

Thank you.

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