Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I wouldn't have it any other way

One afternoon meeting that went into dinner. Had just enough time to get the kids home before I had to go back into town for quadruple booked meetings tonight. I made two out of the four. Officially, three - but by the time I got to the 3rd one, it was already over. I made good choices. I ended up staying longer than I expected for the first meeting - the Volunteer Training for the Celtic Classic. I didn't get a chance to talk with any volunteers who may have signed up for education activities, but I did get a chance to talk with other committee chairs.

Turns out, I got asked to introduce Mick Moloney's performances this year. Mick is the ultimate combination of excellent artist, passionate researcher and Irish song archivist. His voice is as gentle as a lullaby, and his knowledge of Irish and Irish American songs is encyclopedic. I could hear him talk about his research for days. I actually did last summer. For three days I was in heaven as I heard him speak at a seminar on the history of Irish American songs from early immigration to Tin Pan Alley. The other committee chairs must have thought I'd just heard I was going to meet Bono. I'm a big fan. Just hope I can control myself when I introduce him - folks are coming to hear him; not me oozing about how great he is. (Eat your heart out, Maureen!)

Instead of trying to catch some of the Eastern Pennsylvania Arts Alliance meeting, I went to my kids' school for parent night. Glad I got my priorities straight on that. Met my kids' teacher, heard about what we need to do to help our kids academically and personally, and saw their classroom. They really are the big kids now. Their class is on the third floor of the school. Until this year, they've been in the basement (preK through 2nd grade). They now share the floor with 4-8th graders. They have lockers. They have some subjects with the 4th grade teacher. I saw their penmanship. Hard to believe these are the same kids I kiss goodnight. When they are sleeping, I only see their baby faces.

I did make it to the location of the 3rd meeting; which ended 45 minutes before I got there. I officially did try.

Good thing for social media friends and text messages - I heard the Tweetup was packed. I decided instead to meet my friends Donald and Earl for a quick conversation. I did plan on getting home at 10pm, until I realized I left some materials at the office I'd need in the early morning.

Steve texted me he was online, so I didn't need to hurry home. I had to print out directions to the off site location. I lingered for a moment, realizing I needed to write the director's note for tomorrow's weekly newsletter.

Maybe it's the first night of the waning moon, still bright in it's fullness. I just feel like things went really well today. Except for dinner - which smelled excellent in the 5 minutes I had to pass the kids to Steve.

The kids understand this makes me happy. They also understand that hard work and good friends are my balance. Steve also knows this is part of my life in which I find joy; contributing to the greater good. I still have time for the kids - and I've spent a lot of time with them this summer. Is it always quality time? No. But I know they will come to understand my commitment to many things. As a kid, I'm sure I didn't understand much of what my parents were going through. I just know that as my kids grow into their own interests, and eventually become involved in their own things, they will come to understand me more.

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