Sunday, August 7, 2011


My good friends are having the most incredible moment of their life right now. They are waiting for their baby to be born. It's been great reading about how the expecting father is preparing the house and his emotions for what happens on the other side of the fence. He's got a big heart. No doubt, if he could be the pregnant one, I'm sure he'd do it to spare his wife any discomfort.

The mom to be is about as patient and kind as people get. She's been radiantly joyous throughout the pregnancy, even in the worse heat waves of the summer. Never a complaint, or a whine. These people are about to become amazing parents.

As soon as I got a text message from Dad-to-be, I couldn't wait to get our Twitter world engaged in the waiting. Back in the day, we would have all driven to the hospital to make the -to-bedad more nervous in the waiting room. We'd be getting in the way of the hospital staff, and trying to get close to mom-to-be to let her know we are rooting for her. These days, we get to share our excitement and nerves through Twitter and facebook.

I only wish we could all smoke virtual cigars. Or wait - I think there's an app for that. Yup - just found it. It's only an online cigar store. Maybe I'll tweet some friends still hanging around Musikfest to grab some stogies tonight.

Here's another app I'm sure the father to be has already seen. Or not - he's been kind of busy with some nesting projects...

Even though the baby hasn't arrived yet, I couldn't be happier, more nervous, and ready to jump into action for a couple of friends. My husband and I know how challenging things can get when family is far away. When our babies ere born, we had a great posse of friends nearby to pitch in. It was really hard to move away from that tight circle. But they are still in our lives - and mostly because of the wonderful times we shared together.

Life goes on. Here we are again, ready to welcome a new soul into this great, crazy, scary, incredible world. Happy birthday, Baby Littau!

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