Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Two more days of kid juggling

I've said it before - I have the best kids ever. For the last two days, they've been dragged around campus and in town (yet again) in lieu of babysitter. Steve's job doesn't have the flexibility I have in my office environment, so I get to take the kids into work frequently. I consider it one of my major job perks.

But perks can also have a down side; these poor kids have had their brains neutralized by the number of hours spent watching movies or playing games. Once in a while, they'll read library books - but they just don't have as much interest in them as much as I wish. This is definitely one of those "pick your battles" situations. The more movies they watch, the less I have to break up arguments. It only gets challenging when I get "shushed" by them when I'm taking a phone call.

At this very moment - my work is done at the office, and I'm ready to go home. I've been ready to go home for the last 30 minutes; but they want to finish the movie. It's my turn to wait. It's only fair. Just hope the dog can hold on a little longer.....

For the next four days, we'll be trying to adjust their sleeping schedule in order to be awake in time to get on the bus for school. Today was a stretch just getting pancakes down their gullets in time for me to get to the office by 9am. I must admit, I am also working on adjusting my schedule - or should I say, weekend recovery.

There's a few more things to do before the school years starts on Monday - and I'm deftly dusting off the Task List app (Remember the Milk) in order to keep my head clear of all the details. Once their school year starts, the juggling will shift. I'll be back to full office days - but this time I'll be working on efficacy. I don't want to keep bringing my entire desk home. I'll be spending much more evening time on campus as the new job duties roll out. I only hope the kids understand that what I do is important to me.

I will make more time for my family and for my personal health this year. And if I can swing a date once a month with my husband - then I know I'll have reset my priorities appropriately. It is my one "new [academic] year's resolution." We all need a little more balance.

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