Monday, August 29, 2011

Please God, let there be school tomorrow!

It wasn't that bad today. Really. The kids and I have our way about getting through the days when they're dragged to campus to wait for me to get some things done. Thankfully, I didn't have a ton of meetings or public appearances. Those are the days when it gets really challenging - because as good as they are, there is always the possibility that one or both will become monsters in public.

Or maybe I have "the look" and "the tone" down by now. Every once in a while, my friends will catch it, like Jeremy did tonight. It's a look that we all fear from our own parents - that look that instills fear and guilt for doing the wrong thing. I still crumble at the thought of my own mom having that look in my direction.

I don't use the look often - only in those situations where I don't want to draw attention to their behavior, but they need to know that it's not appropriate. I think I've even shot my husband that look once or twice. Must be a sign of motherhood...

I just want to put that look away for a stretch. I go to sleep tonight, expecting the kids will go to school tomorrow. They'll need to get up earlier than they have for the last 4 months. Tomorrow will probably be fine. They're so excited to see their friends again. Even the worries of the strict teacher won't make their stomachs turn to hard. We'll see how their energy holds up during their music lessons later in the day.

If for some reason, school is cancelled again; we'll just keeping doing what we've done all summer long. I just hope that for their sake as much as for my own sanity, we get back to school tomorrow.

I also know there will be a moment at some point in the late morning, or maybe after lunch when I'll miss them. And I'll be wondering why in the heck I need to push them back into school so badly.....

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