Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

This post for all of my mid-west relatives who may be worried about our recent weather issues. I hope they keep in mind that the national news sources they may be hearing are based on the East coast - so of course, it's going to dominate the news topics.

The earthquake on Tuesday came an went. I felt it when in a meeting on campus. As some members of the meeting got a little freaked, we all moved to the courtyard. I called over to my office to make sure the kids weren't panicking. They didn't feel it. It was pretty uneventful in retrospect. Aside from the damage of Washington DC buildings and monuments, the only conversation was around humorous pictures of the damage: turned over plastic chairs, or a broken plastic doll from falling off a shelf.

At this moment, we are waiting for the pending rain and high winds from "Irene." The air pressure was causing my knees to ache a little, but I still plucked my self up to do my run this morning. We even got a family trip to Sears to buy the back to school stuff. All back home as the cloud formations over South Mountain were looking different than I've even seen.

We've had the weather on TV pretty much all day. At 4:30pm, we heard that Irene finally hit Ocean City, MD, and that she's still coming this way.

The time is now 5:21pm, and it started to rain. It's predicted we'll get anywhere between 6-10 inches. The Monocacy creek will most likely flood, as will some low lying streets. The Delaware and Lehigh rivers will also come close to cresting, but that might not happen until Monday. The winds may get up to 60 miles per hour. We've had a pretty wet August, so many root systems are loose. We could see a lot of trees come down and take out power with them. We will have all of our mobile devices plugged in before we go to sleep. If the power goes out, it may happen in the middle of the night.

We have everything we need to get through the hurricanapocalypse. We're even planning on a few games by candlelight Sunday night if power is not restored by then. I'll post updates on Facebook for anyone worried. I think we'll have a school delay for the kids' first day of school. That's about as dramatic as we expect things will get here.

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