Saturday, July 30, 2011

Small victory

I got the kick in the pants I needed. It only took a little sleep, some time in the pool with my kids, an afternoon walk in historic Bethlehem, and a well-made scrap dinner.

Saturdays have become my day to sleep in. No matter how tired or sick my husband feels (he's fighting a cold now), he gets up and makes breakfast while the kids have learned to leave me alone. Even the dog has learned not to wake me lest he suffer the wrath of a really cranky morning person.

We go to a public pool often enough for it to be my work routine. Kids splash around while I sit in the shade with my iPad or research. Sometimes I'll go in the water to cool down at adult swim. Most of the time, I work- they play. Today was different. Leaving the iPad home (shocking, I know), I had no other recourse but to play with the kids. I even went down the slide THREE times, hooting and hollering, hands up in the air like I was coming down a roller coaster. I didn't care for thoughts that may have been on the minds of the other adults, or even the skinny high school life guards. I played in the pool until my fingers were as pruney as the kids'.

After coming home and cleaning up, my daughter wanted to wear her press on finger nails. I said she could if she was willing to share with me. She loves doing stuff like this. I'm not sure what possessed me to try the next thing, but I was able to weave her hair into a crown braid with those darned sticky things.

My daughter has a love-hate thing going on with her hair. She loves it long; hates the tangles. This summer has been fun trying new ways to style it. There are times when I really need to be in the mood to do it. Fortunately, we both had patience today.
I then dragged the family to downtown for a stroll through the Art Walk. While the vendors had nice things, our budget is set at "only looking." (We hit our debt ceiling 8 years ago; thanks to scrappy health care) I was impressed by all of the street musicians along the way. Seeing the artists all out and talking with folks brightened my spirits - as did another sighting of my new boss. It's great to see a our new dean taking such interest in the community.

By the time we got home, my ambition was growing. After putting together the menu plan and shopping list for the week, I made it clear that we were all going to get on the road early for a day at the shore. Picnic is planned; including breakfast in the car.

Grocery shopping before a meal is never a good idea. So I threw together a dinner that was surprisingly good; considering the lack of planning that went into it. Got to the store with my list, bought a little ice cream for my personal pat on the back to enjoy after I finish the cooking for tomorrow.

Golly if today just wasn't full of little things that went right. In the best "June Cleaver" kind of way, this started to pull me out of my slump. I only hope that tomorrow I can keep a slow but steady increase to my ambition.

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