Wednesday, July 27, 2011


In order to allow a little joy into my kids' summer, we often go to a community pool. They swim, I work. It's been great to catch up on reading, blogging, and general strategic thinking. That last one is something I never have time to do during the academic year.

As I engorge myself in thought, I can't help but people watch. Today has been a little different. Maybe the weather has caused a lower than usual attendance. There are less tattooed moms to distract me from watching my kids.

Lady B has been in her own world for the three hours straight. She is happy to be engrossed in her own thoughts and moving to wherever the water takes her. She acknowledges other kids, but doesn't engage. When I jump in the pool, she clings to me. After I pry her off to go back to work, she goes back to her lonely play. She's not sad. She's content to be a fish in the water.

Master S is completely opposite; desperately seeking playmates and defining rules of engagement. He doesn't care if I'm in the pool or not. When I'm close by, he'll swim over to say "hi." He's not embarrassed by me. Yet.

When do I start to worry? With her, should I worry that she's a loner or should I be proud that she makes her own way? With him, do I worry that he's trying so hard to be liked, or should I be proud that he is exercising his social skills?

When I watch them sleep, I still wonder, "Am I doing this right?"
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  1. They seem pretty normal to me - but then what do I know -