Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How do you say that?

It's not a well kept secret. I have a weird spelling of my first name. It is one of a variety of ways to spell SHEE-la. Other ways to spell my name:


The most expected: Sheila

The way it's spelled in that awful Ready for the World song: Sheila

Origin and meaning
(according to the book, Celtic Names for Children complied and researched by Loreto Todd. Dublin: The O'Brien Press, 1998)

Sheila is still widely used in Ireland but it was once so popular that the Australian slang term for woman is 'sheila'. It is probable that Sheila is an Irish form of Cecilia, the patron saint of music [now that must be divine intervention], and so implies 'pure and musical'. [pure? Not sure about that] It is possible, too, that the Irish name has been influenced by the Hebrew name 'Shelah', meaning 'longed for' [oh yeah, right! folks simply long for me.... Gack]

What many people don't know, is that my first name was a balance to my maiden name. My Irish mother gave all of her children Irish names to balance CHIAPPETTA. Maureen, Michael, Kevin and Shaun are my siblings.

I continued the Irish name tradition with my daughter. Her maiden name doesn't reflect the combined Irish-Italian heritage that she is. Her dad is an Irish-Italian as well; his mother was the Italian. And his father's heritage is a bit of a mixed bag. Until a thorough genealogy is produced, I will continue to claim Irish-Italian blood in our family.

My name is always mispronounced by corporate trainers, telemarketers, and medical officers. It is always a great conversation starter when strangers read what I write on the "My Name is" lapel sticker. It was good for tips when folks read my bar tending name badge.

I know who my friends are when they can either say it, or spell it correctly.

The way I spell it? It is unique. It googles really well. And it is all mine.


#27 of 90in90 for #LUBlogTribe. The safest topic I could think of while most of my brain is grappling with topics too early in thought to be expressed today.

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