Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Digital Wonder Woman

I have super powers. Seriously.
I have the ability to SIMULTANIOUSLY....

*have four simultaneous Facebook chats while sending quick message to my non-chat capable mother.
*can SMS text with husband about evening plans
*check email
*research graphics for designer request
*upload information to online data base
*check twitter feed
*write reports
*Tire out dog
*Keep kids happily engaged in exercise

Wonder Woman has her bullet proof bracelets, truth telling lasso, and golden tiara that doubles as a dagger and a boomerang. I have a MacBook Pro, an iPhone4 and an iPad that not only does almost half of the above list-it's a great fly swatter. My trusty tools and I can face all writing obstacles from any location. There is no living room, dog park, or community pool that can keep me from tackling the most critical assigmnents.... Eventually.

So what's my kryptonite? water and the edge network.

Who is her greatest enemy? self doubt.

How does this Digital Wonder Woman celebrate defeating her enemy? Hopefully with a little bit of freedom to exercise her brain in downloading random bits of trivia over a cold, artistically crafted beer. (with permission from the Lord of the manor, of course.)

#34 of 90in90 for #LUBlogTribe

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