Sunday, July 10, 2011

Calling London (Stacey London, that is)

A couple of days ago, I boasted about my carefree attitude toward foot wear. I realize my post was a rather immature over-compensation for inadequate feelings of my body, as much as my [lack of] fashion sense. I could blame 12 years of Catholic school uniforms and dress codes for stifling my designer flare. Or maybe the fact that all of my fancy clothes are black in order to adhere to orchestra standards.

My most up to date my wardrobe was during pregnancy. It was a simple need. I needed clothes that fit for a public profile job. I didn't go nuts - but I did have a good sense of style with my big belly. And the shoes? Most people can forgive slip on flats for a woman with a fully rounded belly.

So why did I let myself go frumpy after the kids were born? Priorities. Energy. Ability. Attitude. Flabby Marsupial Pouch.

Occasionally, I'll watch "What Not to Wear" on The Learning Channel. At some point during each episode, Stacey London and Clinton Kelly spar with a guest who really has no clue, and has a ton of learning and self reflection to do. I suspect that many of them fall into old habits once they realize that keeping their new sense of style will cost more money than they had spent before their TV appearance.

I don't get to watch a lot of TV, but when I do - I prefer watching the FoodTV channel, the Cooking Channel, and the Learning Channel; but only for self improvement ideas. Not interested in Bridezillas, Toddler & Tiaras, or Baby Stories. I watched too much of those shows when I was on bed rest in the last trimester. Now I only watch these shows to knock me out during flu season. If only my cable service provided Ovation. That would raise the standards on my remote control.

Cooking is for some a necessity, for others an art. I enjoy cooking when I'm in the mood. There is a certain relaxation to chopping vegetables, or trimming meats. I love working food with my bare hands, and taking a dish from start to finish. Steve and I are even talking about bringing back the 12 course holiday meals into our budget - because we love to entertain by eating long meals and talking until we drop. We love simple food as much as we love over the top cuisine. When I think about food, I can think of food that's in season, what I can do with it, and how I can present it for other's enjoyment.

When I think of clothing, I think of what is clean, more than what represents the professional I am. I hate spending money on clothes. I hate trying on clothes in 3-way mirrors. I hate having to drag my kids to the stores with me.

I only wish I could afford good clothes, and a personal shopper. Geez, who do I think I am, Oprah?

There are great opportunities coming my way at work. I need to step up my outward presentation. But I want to do this affordably. I don't want anyone thinking for a minute that I'm not up to the task because of what I wear. Especially if high stakes are involved.

For the next 30 days I vow to care about how I dress. But don't push me on coloring my hair. That will net you a long lecture and another self-indulgent blog post.

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Please forgive the self-indulgent nature of some posts. as I wrote before, some of these are only for me. And I know that as I return to posts like this, I will be as disgusted with the self-absorption as you are. I only hope I will be reading them from a place of growth.

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