Sunday, June 12, 2011

Run Your Butt Off - starting week 2

I'll admit to many sincere attempts at starting a new exercise routine. I've poured too much money into programs that didn't work for me. And I thought this last one was also an impulse - until I started reading more.

The "Run Your Butt Off" program is a 12-week program for the really heavy person. It was developed and studying at the Rodale Institute, using a test group of folks who live in the Lehigh Valley. I read their profiles - and many of them are JUST LIKE ME: career mom with young kids, husbands, dogs and insanely busy schedules. And they are all heavy like me.

The program goes SUPER slow. Even slower that the C25K app. So for a heavy person with bad knees, I'm going to take the slower road so that I don't over do it.

I'm also bringing my dog along. Even though he gets a little stubborn, he keeps pace with me as long as we're in the street; far enough away from tempting trees, bushes, sticks, grass, flowers to stop and sniff. When I'm done with my 30 minutes, he had stop and sniff and pee all he wants. I'll even stop for a BM if he insists.

I'm already using two apps to keep a an exercise and a food log, so I won't sign up for the one at Rodale.

Summer has so many less excuses for getting out in the morning. My goal is to make this such a habit that I don't have to convince myself to do it. I want my body to crave it.

I've even got my rewards set up for goal keeping. I'm going to earn my rewards by letting my kids police me. Yes, They'll see me weigh in on Mondays, and watch me go out to exercise. They even like to comment on whether or not I really need to eat what I'm about to put in my mouth. Thank God, they're cute.

At middle age, I don't care as much about body image as I used to. I only want to feel less like a sludge. And the only way I'm going to do that, is by moving. I've got two eight year olds to chase.

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