Thursday, June 9, 2011

82 days of summer

Today was the first official full day of my kids' summer vacation. I'm determined to make the summer before third grade as best as possible not only for them, but also for me. I seem to hit the reset button about four times a year; New Years, birthday, beginning of fall semester and start of summer. Each time, I vow to be better. I hit the reset button with a change of purpose.

No list of wishes. No insurmountable tasks. No delusions of grandeur.

I only want to be able to take the trips in August feeling like I've got some things done. And lived well.

Today was a great start.

Started the day with a 50 minute good pace walk with the dog. I'd like to do this every morning.

Got some work done while the kids woke up on their own, and started reading books. That's right - they didn't go straight to cartoons. They are great kids.

Fantastic meeting with E.D. of the Celtic Cultural Alliance. I love being a part of this organization for the special people in it, and for the opportunity to share my Ulster-Scots diaspora affections with others. I release my academic geekiness with full gusto with this group. The next festival is going to be a great one.
Stopped by the office to sign some papers. It's purchase order time. Momma's gettin some new computers and tools to do some fabulous things at her work.

Quick lunch back at home. Packed up the bags for the first trip to the community pool. Kids passed their deep end test. Their first time down the big waterslide. And I managed to catch it on my crappy iPhone camera!

Home to take Buddy to the dog park. I really want to get him there every day so I can convince Steve he can come to Detroit and Canada with us.

Steve made dinner so I could make a quick fly by the Tunes and Twilight before a summer thunderstorm hit. Made it home for dinner before it was too cold.

Now I blog while the kids get another piece of the Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers.

If every day would end with such a great feeling, I hit the reset button the right way.